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Manage Your Own Locks

As you are working in your model, you might set user locks on elements, diagrams and Packages so that you can work on them and protect that work while it is progress. Having completed your work, you might then want to remove those locks. You can do this on each object individually, using the same procedure as you used to set the lock. You can also display a list of all the locks you have set, and remove selected locks or all locks at once. This is especially useful when working under the 'Require user locks to edit' security policy.



Settings > Security > My Account > Manage My Locks

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Manage your own locks


  • You must have 'Lock Elements' access permission to set user locks on modeling elements, but you do not require any access permission to list or clear them using this procedure



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All the locks that you have set in the model are listed on the 'My Locks' dialog.

This dialog does not show Full locks or Group locks.

Lock Objects Under User/Group Locking Lock Packages Under User/Group Locking Lock Objects Under Require User Lock to Edit


If you intend to clear locks, either:

  • Select a single lock you intend to clear
  • Press Ctrl or Shift as you select a number of locks or a range of locks respectively, to clear
  • Click on Select All to select all of your locks, or
  • Click on Select None to clear your selection, if you have made an error


If you have selected locks to clear, click on the Unlock Selected button.

The objects that were locked are now unlocked.

Context Menu options

The lock entries shown in the list can be sorted, grouped, and filtered, based on the values in any of the displayed columns.  You can also choose which columns to display.

Click on a column header to sort on that column, right-click on any column header to display the context menu.



See also

Field Chooser

Display the 'Field Chooser' dialog, which contains any column headings not currently applied to the page.

Drag a column heading from the 'Field Chooser' into the preferred position in the row of column headings. You can also drag the column headings into a different sequence.

To return a column heading to the 'Field Chooser', drag it out of the heading row.

Enable Group Box

Show or hide the Group Box, in which you reorganize the list sequence of the attributes according to one or more characteristics.

Toggle Filter Bar

Show or hide the Filter Bar, in which you type text strings that the data in the corresponding column must match in order to be listed.

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