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Export a BPSim Configuration

When you have defined a BPSim Configuration in a model, you can export it to an XMI file to be imported into other projects. The BPMN 2.0 model on which the configuration is based is also exported with the configuration. The model is bound to the appropriate BPSim Configuration when you import the XMI file into another project.


Context Menu

On a diagram or in the Browser window, right-click on the Business Process Simulation Artifact | Export BPSim Configuration


Toolbar of Configure BPSim window | Export icon

Publish Model Package

The process of exporting a BPSim configuration and its model uses the 'Publish Model Package' dialog for publishing a model to an XMI file.



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Defaults to the name of the Package containing the Business Process Simulation Artifact.


Type in or browse for (click on the Browse. icon) the file path and XML filename into which to export the model.

XML Type

Select 'BPMN 2.0 XML'.


Click on this button to export the configuration and BPMN 2.0 model. The export is complete when a confirmation message displays in the 'Progress' field.

Format XML Output

Defaults to selected; leave selected.

View XML

If you want to examine the exported XML, click on this button.


  • To import the model from XMI into a new project, select the target Package in the new project and select the 'Publish > Model Exchange > Import > Native File' or 'Import > XMI File' ribbon option

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