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Client Configuration - Configuring Enterprise Architect to Use a Code Miner Service

Enterprise Architect uses components known as Analyzer Scripts for the configuration of many support systems. This is where the location of the server is specified. This image shows the 'Code Miner Service' page of a script.



Develop > Source Code >  Execution Analyzer > Edit Analyzer Scripts > Double-click on a Script > Code Miner > Service

Configuration Fields

Use Server

Select this radio button to set up the Code Miner server to use.

Host : Port

Type in the number of the Port through which the Service will operate.

Use Service for Intelli-sense

Select the checkbox to use the Intel Service for Intelli-sense field completion.

Use Service for [F12] Find in Files

Select the checkbox if you want to use the Service instead of the Find In Files window to run search queries, when you press F12.

Limit Query Results to rows

Type in the number of rows of query results to display per page.


Click on this button to save the configuration details you have entered.

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