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Validate Business Rules

Before you generate code for the Rule Task elements, or export them to a CSV file, it is recommended that you validate the business rules in the Rule Composer. When you do this, the business rules on the Rule Composer are parsed and any errors or warnings that might indicate incomplete or unfavorable code generation are displayed on the 'Rule Composer Validation' tab on the System Output window.


Context Menu

Open diagram | Right-click on a Rule Task element | Rule Composer

Validate Rules



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Click on the 'Validation' icon (green tick) in the Rule Composer toolbar:


The System Output window displays, showing the status of the validation - Validation complete, plus any validation errors or warnings - on the 'RuleComposer Validation' tab.


Double-click on each warning or error message in turn to highlight and investigate the faulty data that caused that message, in the Rule Composer.

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