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Scribble and Present Ideas Using an In-Model Electronic Whiteboard

The Whiteboard Technology provides a set of Diagram Toolbox pages with a selection of stereotyped element icons that generate simple shapes suitable for use on hand-drawn and whiteboard diagrams.


Use any of the methods outlined here to display the Diagram Toolbox, then click on Search to display the 'Find Toolbox Item' dialog and specify 'Whiteboard'.


Design > Diagram > Toolbox

Keyboard Shortcuts



Click the Chevron Right icon on the Diagram caption bar to display the Diagram Toolbox

Whiteboard Toolbox Pages


The Whiteboard Toolbox pages provide these shape icons:

  • Shapes: Circle, Oval, Square, Rectangle, Round Rectangle, Triangle, Diamond, Cloud, Cube, Cylinder, Vertical Line, Horizontal Line, Flag, Star, Home, Clock, Tag, Callout and Text Element.
  • Arrows: Up, Down, Left and Right
  • Thin Arrows: Up, Down, Left and Right

Lines: Line, Directed Line, Dashed Line, Directed Dashed Line, Curve, Directed Curve.

Page Appearance


See also

Whiteboard Diagram

You can create either a Whiteboard diagram or a Hand-drawn diagram. Both of these diagrams, when opened, cause the Whiteboard Toolbox pages to be opened.

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