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Specify Required MDG Technologies

When you have a model that must make use of certain MDG Technologies, a model Administrator can configure the system to check that those Technologies are available and active during the loading process, before the model actually opens. You identify the Technologies in the 'MDG Technologies' section of the 'Manage Model Options' dialog. If a Technology is:

  • Required and not installed on a user's machine, that user will be unable to open the model
  • Required and available, but not enabled, the system can be configured to automatically enable that Technology
  • Specifically not to be used in this model, but is available and enabled, the system can be configured to automatically disable that Technology

The model Administrator can thus ensure that the correct operating environment is in place to work in the model, so that all users have the same view and are using the same facilities (or, at least, are not using the wrong tools and creating structures that other users cannot work with).

You could have a 'relaxed' model where some Technologies are required but others can be used at the user's discretion, or a 'restricted' model where certain Technologies are required and all others are blocked.



Settings > Model > Options > MDG Technologies

Select Required Technologies



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Review the MDG Technologies currently accessible to you, listed in alphabetical order. These technologies might be built-in to Enterprise Architect, provided by an Add-In or from an imported directory or URL.


For a model Administrator, select this checkbox against each Technology that must be available before the model can be opened.

Next time a user tries to open the model, Enterprise Architect will check that the selected Technologies are available on the user's system before allowing access to the model. If a required Technology is not installed, Enterprise Architect will not open the model.

Additionally, if a Technology flagged as Required is available but not enabled, the system will automatically enable it for this model; the Technology will still be disabled in any other models the user might access.


All checkboxes default to unselected, allowing the Technologies to be used.

Select the checkbox against each Technology that specifically must not be used in the model. If the Technology is available and enabled, the system automatically disables it within the model. It will still be enabled in other models that the user might access.

Manage MDG Technologies


Click on this button to select the 'Required' checkbox of every Technology in the list.


Click on this button to clear all selected 'Required' checkboxes in the list.


  • In the Corporate, Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect, if security is enabled you must have 'Configure Project Requisites' permission to select or clear the 'Required' and 'Disabled' checkboxes against the Technologies