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Create Element From Document

Whilst you can set up hyperlinks from the Linked Document to existing elements and diagrams in the Browser window, you can also create new elements to illustrate and support information written in the Linked Document. You can create and link to any type of element or diagram, but the facility has specific options for these element types:

  • Class
  • Requirement
  • Issue

The element or diagram is created in the same Package as the element for which the Linked Document was created. A hyperlink is automatically created in the document to the new object. When you click on the hyperlink, the element or diagram is highlighted in the Browser window.

Create element or diagram



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Open the Linked Document in the model element or Document Artifact element.

Create Document Artifact Create Linked Document on an Element


Enter or select the appropriate text to act as the hyperlink text (such as the element or diagram name).

Highlight this text and select the Document - Edit > File > Model Link > New Model Element > <element type> ribbon option.


If you select the:

  • 'Class', 'Requirement' or 'Issue' option, the corresponding element is immediately created in the Browser window
  • 'Other' option, the 'New Element' dialog displays; specify the element type and - if appropriate - stereotype, and click on the Create button
  • 'Diagram' option, the 'New Diagram' dialog displays; specify the diagram type and click on the OK button
Add Elements Directly To Packages Add New Diagrams


The highlighted text is now a hyperlink to the new object in the Browser window. Click on the link to highlight the object.

You can now edit or expand the element or diagram as required.

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