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The Features Window

The Features window is a versatile and seamless tool for creating and editing the features of the selected element. The window has a number of tabs that help you to view, create, delete and manage:

  • Attributes
  • Operations and, for State elements, operation behaviors
  • Reception elements
  • On a State element, Internal Triggers
  • Structural elements, such as the Parts and Properties added to elements
  • Edge-mounted elements (Interaction Points) such as ActionPins and Ports that form the primary interaction points of complex, composite elements
  • Entry Points and Exit Points (Connection Points) on a State element

The Features window can be used in combination with the Properties window and Notes window to define some or all of the properties of a feature and, depending on the parent element type, a range of other windows such as the 'Details' tab of the Inspector window and the Responsibility window. All these windows automatically refresh to show the information for the object you have just clicked on, and you can flow between them without opening and closing them. You can very quickly define a range of properties, features and characteristics for an element, and equally quickly work through a number of elements to define a structure in the model.

Parts, Properties, Interaction Points and Connection Points are maintained in the same way and are therefore all documented as Structural elements.



Start > Application > Design > Details > Features

Design > Element > Editors > Features > Features

Context Menu

Right-click on object > Features > All Features

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+5, F9 (Attributes), F10 (Operations)

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