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The 'Links' tab of the element 'Properties' dialog provides a list of all relationships that the current element is a partner in.


On a diagram or in the Browser window, select an element and:


Design > Element > Editors > Properties Dialog > Links

Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt+Enter > Links


Context Menu

Right-click on the element > Properties > Special Action

Links Facilities



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Relationship Features

The 'Relationships' panel lists the relationships this element has, showing the:

  • Elements that this element is related to
  • Stereotype (if any) of each related element
  • Type of each related element
  • Type of each connection or relationship
  • Stereotype (if any) of the connector

Relationship Editing

On the 'Relationships' panel you can right-click on a relationship to display the context menu and select to perform these operations: 

  • Display the 'Properties' dialog for a relationship - click on the 'Relationship Properties' option
  • Highlight the related element in the Browser window - click on the 'Locate Related Element' option
  • Delete the relationship from the model and all diagrams - click on the 'Delete relationship' option; when the system prompts you to confirm the deletion, click on the Yes button to do so

If you have selected the element from an open diagram, another pair of context menu operations are supported:

  • Hide the relationship on the open diagram - click on the 'Hide Relation' option
  • Show a relationship that is hidden on the open diagram - click on the 'Show Relation' option
Connector Properties

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