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State Toolbox

The State Toolbox is used to develop StateMachine diagrams, to show the enableable states a Class or other element might be in and the transitions from one state to another. These diagrams are often placed under a Class element in the Browser window to illustrate how a particular element changes over time. States can have substates; for example, Accelerate and Brake might be substates of Active.

State Toolbox pages



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Except where discussed here, each element and relationship that you can create using these Toolbox pages is described in the UML Elements and UML Connectors sections of the Help.

Event is used to create a basic Send element (the default) or Receive element on the StateMachine diagram.

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  • To add an element to the currently-open diagram, click on the appropriate icon and drag it into position on the diagram; set an element name and other properties as prompted
  • To add a relationship, click on the appropriate icon, then click on the start element in the diagram and drag to the end element

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