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WSDL Toolbox

The WSDL Toolbox provides elements you can use to rapidly develop a W3C Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) model, from which you can automatically generate WSDL documents.

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A Namespace represents the top-level container for the WSDL model. Drag this element onto an open diagram to create the necessary model structure for WSDL documents.

A physical WSDL document is represented as a UML Component. Its interfaces represent the WSDL Services.

A WSDL Port Type is modeled as a UML Interface. Its Port Type Operations are realized by Binding elements.

Each of the operation parameters is derived from the Message elements defined in the Messages Package.

Model WSDL WSDL Document WSDL Service WSDL Port Type WSDL Port Type Operation WSDL Binding WSDL Message


  • To add an element to the currently-open diagram, click on the appropriate icon and drag it into position on the diagram; set an element name and other properties as prompted
  • To add a relationship, click on the appropriate icon, then click on the start element in the diagram and drag to the end element

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