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BKM Parameters

A Business Knowledge Model (BKM) is implemented as a function definition, with parameters and a DMN expression as its body (such as Decision Table, Boxed Context or Literal Expressions).

As a BKM is intended to function stand-alone, and be called by Decisions or other BKMs, it is necessary to define any input parameters. Also, for Literal Expressions, you must define the output parameter.

When defining any input Parameters you can set them with default values for testing. After creating a BKM, to verify that it functions correctly, you can run a simulation based on these default values.

Parameters of a Business Knowledge Model

To open the 'Edit Parameters' dialog, in the DMN Expression window, click on the Edit Parameters button :

Note: this is an example for a Literal Expression that includes a return type.

Edit Parameters

You can perform these actions on the parameters:




Add a new parameter by typing in the 'New Parameter...' row.


Modify the name of the existing parameter by in-place editing in the cell.


Delete an existing parameter using the context menu.

Define the Type

Click on the Type to enable a drop-down. Select a type for the parameter from the drop-down.

Set an Item Definition Type

When changing the type of Parameter there is an option to select a pre-defined type from an ItemDefinition. The option for this is 'Select Type ...'. When this option is selected it will open a dialog for selecting an ItemDefinition.

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