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InputData DMN Expression

The DMN Expression window provides a view of an InputData's data structure, options to alter the value of Items, and access to Data Sets that can be used in simulations.



Simulate > Decision Analysis > DMN > DMN Expression, then select / create an InputData


Double-click on a DMN InputData element

Toolbar Options



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Saves the configuration to the current InputData element.

Sets the InputData's type by selecting a reference to an ItemDefinition.


Opens the ItemDefinition element that is referenced by this InputData as its type definition.

ItemDefinitions and Data Sets

Runs a validation of the InputData. Enterprise Architect will perform a series of validations to help you identify errors in the InputData.

Decision Table Validation

Option to select a Data Set as defined in the ItemDefinition that references this InputData.

Data Sets

Opens the dialog for editing data sets for this input data. Each InputData can define multiple data sets. With this feature, the DMN Simulation can quickly test the results of a decision by choosing different data sets.

Data Sets

Auto Completion

If the InputData has a field with 'Allowed Value' defined, then the field can be populated by selecting the field, pressing on the Spacebar, then selecting an option from the drop-down.

Data Sets

Data Sets are defined in the ItemDefinition referenced by the InputData element. Using the toolbar drop-down you can select a data set from the ItemDefinition. Once a set is selected you can alter the values of the items. You can also add new Data Sets by opening the Edit Data Set window using the icon.

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