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StateMachine Table Simulation

A StateMachine Table is a representation of a StateMachine, and can be simulated in exactly the same way as a StateMachine diagram.


With a StateMachine displayed in Table form, use any of the methods outlined in this table to start the simulation.


Simulate > Run Simulation > Start, or

Simulate > Dynamic Simulation > Simulator > Open Simulator Window > Start test. (Start icon)

Context Menu

Right-click on view background | Execute Simulation | <Interpreted or Manual>

Highlight active cells

As the simulation executes, the table cells change color to indicate the:

  • Currently active State(s) - the color set in the 'Highlight Color' field of the 'StateMachine Options' dialog, and a dark border
  • Potential next States(s) - A variant of the color in the 'Highlight Color' field or, if the 'Use Different Color for Target State' checkbox is selected on the 'StateMachine Options' dialog, the color set in the 'Target Zone Color' field
  • Active Transition(s) - the color set in the 'Transition Cell' field of the 'StateMachine Options' dialog
  • Trigger(s) - the color set in the 'Highlight Color' field of the 'StateMachine Options' dialog
  • Non-active States - gray

For example:

A State Machine Table simulation example in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Signal Triggers

As when running a simulation as a diagram, the simulation will automatically traverse transitions with no guards or validated guards. Transitions with a Trigger will not be followed unless that Trigger has been fired. They can be fired automatically from the Simulation Events window or you can fire a Trigger manually by right-clicking on the Transition or Trigger cell and selecting 'Signal Trigger in Simulation'.

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