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Kanban Options - Advanced

If you do not want to manually add elements to a Kanban diagram, you can use the 'Advanced' page to set up either Package searches or SQL searches to automatically fill the diagram. It is not possible to use both a Package search and a custom SQL search at the same time; if both are specified, the Package search is ignored.

Choosing an automatic way to fill a Kanban Diagram in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

The dialog automatically opens at the 'Package' tab. If you want to create a SQL Search, click on the 'Custom SQL' tab.



Construct > Resource Management > Kanban > (options to generate and/or open a Kanban diagram)    or

Start > Personal > My Kanban (displays personal default Kanban diagram)


Design > Diagram > Manage > Kanban > Advanced (on an open Kanban diagram)

Context Menu

In the Browser window, click on the diagram name | Kanban > Advanced, or

On a Kanban diagram, either:

  • Double-click on a lane > Advanced
  • Right-click on the diagram background | Kanban > Advanced

Kanban Options - Advanced

To fill a diagram based on a Package, simply click on the Add button and the 'Add Package' option, then select the required Package or Packages from the 'Select a Package' browser.

If you want to include elements from child Packages, select the 'Include Child Packages' checkbox against each Package in the list. Click on the Run Search button. This will automatically add elements, based on the search. The search is additive (unless 'Synch with search' is selected) and will only add elements not currently on the diagram. You can refine the Package search by creating it on the 'Filters' page and adding filters (see the Kanban Diagram Options - Filters Help topic).

To fill the diagram from the results of a custom SQL search, click on the 'Custom SQL' tab and type or paste the appropriate SQL. In order for the diagram to be filled, you must include in the SQL Select statement:

     Object_ID as Element_ID

For example:

     Select Object_ID as Element_ID From t_object Where Object_Type = 'Requirement'



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On the 'Package' tab, if you are using a search or filter (from the 'Filters' page of the dialog) you must define a Package or Packages for the search or filter to work on. You do this by clicking the Add button and choosing either 'Add Package' to browse to a selected Package, or 'Search Model' to search or filter from all elements in the current model.


If you want to clear a Package from the list (or the whole-model selection) click on the item line and click on this button.

Include Child Packages

If you have selected a Package with a child structure, select this checkbox to also include the elements from the structure in the Kanban diagram, or clear the checkbox to include elements from the selected Package only.

Auto fill

When you select this option, the search configured for the Kanban diagram will automatically run whenever the diagram is opened or reloaded.

Synch with search

Selecting this option will synchronize the diagram with the current search when it is run. That is:

  • New elements that match the search but are not currently on the diagram will be added and
  • Elements on the diagram that now do not match the search will be removed

Run Search

When you have set up either a Package search or a custom SQL search, click on the Run Search button to fill the diagram. All elements found by the SQL search are added to the diagram.

If you have not applied a filter to a Package Search, all elements from the selected Packages are added to the diagram. If you have used a filter, only those elements that meet the filter criteria are added.

A 'Progress' dialog displays during the search. If the search is taking a long time or is finding too many elements, click on the Cancel button; any objects already added to the diagram are removed.

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