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Properties Sub-Menu

The element 'Properties' context menu provides a range of options for displaying and updating the properties, notes, Tagged Values and Linked Document of an element, and for locating the element in any diagrams that contain it.


Context Menu

Browser window > Project | Right-click on element | Properties

Browser window > Context | Right-click on element | Properties




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Displays the Properties window for the element, which you can use to view and modify the element properties.

Properties Window for Elements

Special Action

Displays either the 'Properties' dialog for the element or, for specialized elements, the dialog that defines their action. For example, if this option is selected for a Checklist Artifact, the 'Checklist Items' dialog displays for defining the checkbox items in the list.


Displays the Notes window, showing any notes that have been written for the element.

The Notes Window


Displays the Responsibility window, through which you can add and update internal Requirements (Responsibilities), Scenarios and Constraints on the element.


Tagged Values

Displays the Properties window; click on the 'Tags' tab, showing any Tagged Values (extended properties) that have been created for the element.

Tagged Values


Displays the Summary window of the selected element, which provides a brief, read-only summary of the general properties of the currently selected element. Once displayed, the Summary window can also show a:

  • Package
  • Attribute
  • Operation
  • Test
  • Maintenance item or
  • Resource

The display refreshes immediately as you select different objects and items. You can highlight a section of text or the complete content, and copy it to be pasted into an external document.

The Summary window does not display details for Views, Model Packages, diagrams, instances or connectors.

Linked Document

Displays the 'Linked Document' tab of the Document window showing the Linked Document for the element, if one exists.

Linked Documents in the Document Window