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Dynamic Simulation Panel

The 'Dynamic Simulation' panel brings together a number of tools for working with Behavioral Model simulations. It provides access to a range of windows that allow you to control a simulation, set up simulation triggers and signals, set breakpoints, inspect local variables or view the Call Stack. It also offers a number of pre-defined model searches for retrieving recently modified StateMachines and Activity Graphs, and enables you to apply the appropriate Perspective and Work Space for the simulation you are performing.

Available Facilities



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Click on this icon to display a short menu providing these options:

  • Open Simulation Window - display the Simulator control window, from which you can manage, activate and control simulations
  • Find Simulations - opens the Start Page 'Search in Project' tab with the 'Simulation > StateMachine Diagrams' search loaded for execution (click on the 'Run' arrow); you can change the search to locate Activities, Executable StateMachines, Interactions, BPSim configurations and other objects related to running simulations
  • Recent StateMachines - opens the Start Page 'Search in Project' tab with the 'Simulation > Recent StateMachine Diagrams' search executed
  • Recent Activity Graphs - opens the Start Page 'Search in Project' tab with the 'Simulation > Recent Activity Diagrams' search executed
  • Apply Perspective - Displays the Start Page 'Create from Pattern' tab (Model Wizard), in which you select the Perspective to apply model structures appropriate to the simulations you intend to perform
  • Apply Workspace - apply the Simulation Workspace, which opens all of the relevant windows (Simulation, Simulation Events, Local Variables, Call Stack and Execution Analyzer windows) for Dynamic Simulation, and arranges them around the screen for ease of use
  • Help - display the Dynamic Simulations Help topic.

In the searches you can specify the time period (number of days prior to today) from which to draw the results.

Simulation Windows Model Search The Model Wizard


Click on this icon to open the Simulation Events window, to work with signals and triggers that are used as input to the currently active simulation.

Simulation Events Window

Local Variables

Click on this icon to display a list of Local Variables and their values from the current simulation. The simulation must be halted at a break point in order to display variables.

View the Local Variables

Call Stack

Click on this icon to display the Call Stack for the current simulation.

View the Call Stack