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Helpers Panel

The 'Helpers' panel contains a series of specialized tools for working with the elements in a diagram. These perform useful function that will save time, preserve layouts and enhance visualization. The 'Sweeper' and 'HV Lock' tools move multiple elements vertically, horizontally or diagonally in the diagram. The 'Presentation' tool can be used to show which element is in focus during a workshop or meeting. The 'Show Direction' tool indicates the direction of relationships connected to the selected element.

Available Facilities

To apply each of these tools to your diagram, click on the checkbox against the tool name. The options remain selected across diagrams and work sessions until explicitly turned off again.



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When the Sweeper is on, you can move sections of the diagram in one direction vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Click on the diagram and move the cursor; the section of diagram ahead of the cursor in its direction of movement is moved in the same direction.

Move Elements In Diagram Sections

HV Lock

When the HV Lock is on, when you click on an element and start to move it horizontally or vertically, the movement becomes restricted to that direction. So if you start to move the element vertically, you cannot move it horizontally until you release the mouse button and start another movement. The lock prevents any diagonal movement.


When the 'Presentation' option is selected, the borders of selected elements are a simple solid colored line. There are no diagram icons (such as the Quick Linker arrow), movement handles or hatching. You cannot select and work on connectors.

Whilst you can still move and resize the element(s), you might use this option when you are examining element content rather than element placement on the diagram, or using the diagram for display rather than change.

Show Direction

When this option is selected, the physical direction of connectors on the selected element are indicated by color: incoming relationships are red, and outgoing relationships are green. If the element is not selected, the connectors are not color coded.

Perpendicular Lines

When this option is selected, connectors are forced to adopt a vertical or horizontal position when they are adjusted. Connectors that are not adjusted when this option is selected will remain at whatever angle they present.

Not all types of connector are affected by this setting.

Reorder Messages

This option enables and disables the ability to swap the order of messages on a Sequence diagram. When this option is enabled, if you drag a message up or down a lifeline beyond the position of the next or previous message, the messages swap positions. If this option is disabled, then dragging a message will only extend or reduce the spacing between the message being dragged and its preceding message.

Layout of Sequence Diagrams