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This function is used to specify an array of callback functions, to be used in passing data back to Enterprise Architect, from the SBPI Integration plugin.

C++ only. This only needs to be implemented in C++. The code in the example is sufficient and doesn't need to be modified. Extra error or bounds checking can be added.




const void ** callbackFunctions

An array of callback function pointers to be used to pass data back to Enterprise Architect.

Outputs via Callbacks



C++ Plug-ins will receive this method soon after creation. It passes in an array of callback function pointers which are used by the Plug-in later on to pass data back to Enterprise Architect

Example Implementation

void ExampleIntegrationPlugin::SetCallbacks(const void ** callbackFunctions)


if (callbackFunctions)


AddProperty = (AddPropertyPtr)callbackFunctions[0];

AddBinaryProperty = (AddBinaryPropertyPtr)callbackFunctions[1];

SetErrorCode = (SetErrorCodePtr)callbackFunctions[2];

SetError = (SetErrorPtr)callbackFunctions[3];

LogMessage = (LogMessagePtr)callbackFunctions[4];