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Repair a Project

If a project has not been closed properly, such as during system or network outages or on poor network connections, on rare occasions the .eap file does not re-open correctly. A message displays informing you the project is of an unrecognized database format or is not a database file. In such cases, you can move the project file to a local drive and repair it.



Settings > Model > Integrity > Manage .EAPX/.EAP File > Repair .EAPX/.EAP File

Repair a project that was not closed properly



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Ensure that all users are logged off the project you are attempting to repair.


Copy the project file to a local drive on your workstation.


Close and restart Enterprise Architect - you do not need to open any model, including the one you are repairing.


Select the 'Repair .EAPX/.EAP File...' menu option, and follow the on-screen instructions.


Once you have repaired the project, it is recommended that you perform a data integrity check.

Check Data Integrity


  • Always repair projects on a local drive, never on a network drive
  • The 'Compact a Project' option can also repair corrupt .eap files
  • In the Corporate, Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect, if security is enabled you must have 'Administer Database' permission to repair a project

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