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Maintenance Overview

An Enterprise Architect repository is continuously evolving as you add new items or change or delete existing items. During this evolution events can occur that have some minor internal impact on the integrity of the records stored in the database. New product enhancements are also made as a result of the company's strong commitment to innovation and from feedback from customers. These enhancements need to be incorporated into existing product installations so that customers continue to derive the benefit and value from the tool.  In this topic you will learn about some of the remedial functions that can be used to keep you repository in good health and operating at optimal speed, as listed here:

  • Check Project Data Integrity - perform a health check
  • Reset Auto Increments - reset the auto-increment column on system tables
  • Upgrade a Project - augment the files to support new features or enhancements
  • Run SQL Patches - run a SQL script to correct or enhance a database
  • Rename a Project - change the name of a project file
  • Compact a Project - decrease the size of a file based database
  • Repair a Project - correct a problem due to file corruption from an unexpected  network shutdown