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Open Server Connections - Native Connection

The 'Open Server Connection' dialog helps you to define a new connection to an existing server based repository. It is the simplest way, and the recommended method, to set up such a connection to repositories in:

  • Firebird
  • MariaDB
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL and
  • SQLServer

Using a native connection, in most cases you do not need to install any additional drivers or perform any additional steps outside of Enterprise Architect.

For compatibility reasons the original methods of defining ODBC and OLEDB database connections on the Microsoft 'Data Link Properties' dialog are still available and discussed in their own topics (ODBC Connection to <dbms name> repository and OLE DB Connection to <dbms name> repository); however with the introduction of a 64 bit version of Enterprise Architect, user machines would most likely require additional ODBC/OLE DB drivers (and/or ODBC DSNs) to continue to function.



Start Page > Open Project | Server Connection

Start Page : Manage Projects : Connect to Server (or, on drop down arrow, | Native Connection)

Project list | Open Project : Connect to Server

Define the Connection


Type in the name by which the connection is known.


Click on the radio button for the type of DBMS you are connecting to. Depending on which one you select, additional notes and fields might appear on the dialog.

For a database on SQLServer that has an ODBC connection, you are prompted to select whether to use that or the OLE DB connection; if there is no SQL Server ODBC or OLE DB driver installed then the relevant radio button is grayed out.  By default Enterprise Architect will default to OLE DB.

Note:  'Microsoft SQL Server option in Linux/Wine is currently not supported

Server Name

Type in the name or ID of the Server being used to support the database. If you are connecting to:

  • A Firebird database on the local server, you do not need to complete this field; provide the name if the file is on a remote server
  • An Oracle database, you can enter either the server name or the name defined in TNSNAMES.ORA
  • A SQL Server database, enter the server and instance name


Type in the number of the Port through which the connection will be made.

Database Name

Type in the name of the database to connect to.


In the majority of cases access to a database is limited to authorized users only, enter the user name/ID of the database user.


In the majority of cases access to a database is limited to authorized users only, enter the password of the database user.

Encrypt Connection

If required, select this checkbox to encrypt and hide the connection details of the database from the users who the connection string is given to.


Click on this button to check that a connection can be made to the server-based database, as specified by the entered details.

Note: that this button is only enabled once all the mandatory fields have a value.

If the test does not succeed, revise your settings.

If the test succeeds, click on the OK button.


Click on this button to close the dialog and open the repository.

Note: this button is only enabled when a test has been successfully completed.

By opening the repository an entry will be automatically added to the 'Recent' list on the 'Start Page' and Recent Projects list in the Manage Projects screen.


Click on this button to cancel any changes on the dialog, and close it.