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Information Accessed

Each of the Integration Plug-ins returns information based on a 'Filter' or position within the external product's  data.  Some products, such as Enterprise Architect, Jira and DevOps, provide a mechanism to customize the data returned, whilst others simply return all information at a particular position within the external provider's application. 

Information Accessed from each Provider


Information returned

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Application Lifecycle Manager

Information returned based on the internal list for Defects, Requirements and Tests.


Information returned based on the contents of  Hubs | Projects | Folders.


Information returned based on the contents of Product | Component | <all items in component>.                                                                                                                                 


Information returned based on the contents of  Folders.

Enterprise Architect

When you connect into an external Enterprise Architect repository via an Integration, in the 'External Data' bread-crumb, you will be offered a menu with 'Browse' or 'Search'.  On selecting 'Search' it returns a list of the searches defined in the local repository.

On selecting a specific search, the Item List will display the results from the external repository's data.

Model Search


Information returned based on the contents of (DoorsNG) - Folders.


Presents a list of 'Favorite Filters'. See the menu option 'Issues | Manage Filters'.

Walkthrough: Jira Integration


Presents all item types that have a 'List View'. In a default install these include: Accounts, Assets, Campaigns, Cases, Groups, Contacts, Contracts, Leads, and Opportunities.


Presents a list of user-defined filters, grouped by the table they are based on.

Walkthrough: ServiceNow Integration

DevOps / Team Foundation Server

Presents a list of DevOps / TFS global queries and 'My ...' queries.

Walkthrough: DevOps Integration


Information returned based on the contents of Accounts | Folders.


For Enterprise Architect, Jira or DevOps the filters must be configured prior to Enterprise Architect requesting that an Integration Plug-in should connect to them.