Author Topic: Version 4.00 - Beta Build 3 Released (Reg Users)  (Read 1209 times)


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Version 4.00 - Beta Build 3 Released (Reg Users)
« on: March 03, 2004, 10:51:12 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 717 (Beta 03)  
Bug fixes and performance updates from last beta
Fixed ordering of Glossary in HTML documentation such that its sorted by Item and Type
Corrected context menu behavior which prevented embedded elements from being correctly inserted in a diagram
Corrected XMI import behavior for files with mixed single/multibyte characters which prevented non-western characters from being imported correctly
Removed "list of" on two strings on Export Reference data
Added "Model Authors", "Constraint Status Types" to Export Reference Data
Corrected XML import/export problem which prevented dates and float values from being imported correctly when using non-english regional settings
Corrected possible XMI import problem when multi-byte characters used on Sequence Message names (length limitation)
Fixed HTML report problem when deep package nesting repeats package names in a branch
Added LibraryVersion property to Repository Automation interface
Added support for printing Project Status information as a list
Ports for an instance object are now deleted when a new Classifier is set via the Object context menu
Minor changes to display of owned elements in Embedded Elements dialog when dealing with re-used and re-defined ports
Added GUIDs to Code generation template elements (class, attribute, operation, package)
Added Font scaling to support standard diagram layout & size when large fonts are selected.