Author Topic: Version 4.00 - Build 724 Released  (Read 1696 times)


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Version 4.00 - Build 724 Released
« on: April 04, 2004, 10:06:40 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 724

Fixed problem with deleting ObjectNode in ProjectTree when ObjectFlow in recently created diagram displays same ObjectNode
Fixed recent file list in Start Page to prevent blank entries showing
Modified Object and Control flow connections to show stereotype if set
Fixed error with Ports when setting the classifier of a Port to the same Class as the Port parent (host)
Modified Project Tree to prevent showing object Alias when it is set in a diagram
Modified dropping of element from Project Tree onto diagram to avoid brief display of element in top left corner
Modified drawing of elements in Sequence diagrams to show multiplicity with numeric inidcator - rather than previous "multi-object" style
Modified Sequence Message connectors to prevent changing to another connector type.
Modified Node element to show Run State items as per EA 3.60
Modified docked note dialog to be disabled when Note element type with linked content is selected
Modified docked note dialog to refresh all elements and linked notes when object note edited in docked note dialog
Modified XMI importer to correctly import Attribute Alias if set
Fixed behaviour wherebye element positions would revert to last saved position when an element was deleted from a diagram
Modified name drawing in Exception Handler element to allow wrapping of name rather than clipping

Code Template Updates:
 - C# Operation Declaration and Operation Declaration with property stereotype
 - Fixed so that a declaration for a class with the Implements tag true generates valid code.
 - Created a tag that the user can add if they want the operation to use Explicit Implementation.
 - C# Class Body, Attribute, Linked Attribute
 - Updated to prevent generation of interface member fields and nested types
 - VB .Net Attribute, Linked Attribute
 - Updated to prevent generation of interface member fields
 - Updated Note templates for C#,Delphi,Java,PHP,VB,VB .Net to remove hardcoded wrap length- option value now used instead
 - Added support for using connector strereotype overrides

Fixed issue with code generation of nested types, which allowed non-class/interface elements to be generated
Updated package code generation dialogue to save auto-generated file paths
Fixed creation of new package reference file where changes made to an existing reference file.
Fixed source directory import to close generated class diagrams on import.
Fixed source directory import to prevent EA from terminating abnormally on import of complex source bases.
Fixed DDL generation where columns have default values.
Updated code generation of import statements to use class member types for C++, C#, Java and VB.Net.
Modified wrap comments option so that it accepts -1 for no line wrap.
Fixed issue with Tag compartment string in Classes for Delphi Classes not being displayed properly
Fixed bug with foreign key relationship into unique constraints
Fixed bug with classes going into wrong namespaces in VB.Net
Fixed issue which could cause incorrect package path to be generated for java
Added hideicon stereotype appearance attribute to UML Profile exporter
Updated manner in which profile stereotypes are applied as new elements such that any appearance settings are applied before showing the properties dialog.
Fixed issue importing exception specifications that include scope resolution operator in C++
Fixed issue to prevent EA from terminating abnormally when an embedded element is created on a UML component.
Fixed issue to prevent EA from terminating abnormally when importing a VB struct.