PivotPoint-Sparx Partnership Promotes Model-Based Systems Engineering with SysML

PivotPoint Technology and Sparx Systems today announced a technology partnership that will combine their complementary strengths in SysML training and tools for systems engineers. PivotPoint announced that its “SysML Distilled™ with Enterprise Architect™” workshop is immediately available, and will use Sparx’s new MDG Technology for SysML™ product.


Sparx Systems

Fallbrook, California, October 9, 2006 – PivotPoint Technology and Sparx Systems today announced a technology partnership to promote model-based systems engineering with the Systems Modeling Language (SysML). SysML is the new domain-specific modeling language for systems engineering applications that was adopted by the Object Management Group as OMG SysML™ in July 2006, and is attracting users among systems engineers worldwide.

Under the agreement, PivotPoint will be Sparx’s primary partner for training and consulting services that use Sparx’s new SysML product (MDG Technology for SysML™), which was released last week. PivotPoint showed its readiness to partner by announcing the immediate availability of a new “SysML Distilled™ with Enterprise Architect™” workshop, which combines both SysML language and tool training.

SysML extends the Unified Modeling Language (UML), the industry standard for specifying software-intensive systems, so that it can also specify hardware, processes, personnel, and facilities. Systems engineers who want to follow a model-based systems engineering process gain at least two important advantages in using SysML. First, SysML is a smaller language than UML 2.0 since it has fewer diagrams and constructs, so it is easier for engineers to learn and apply. Second, SysML adds to the semantic expressiveness of UML with two new diagrams for defining requirements and parametric constraints, which systems engineers need to fully specify complex systems.

“SysML adheres to the KISS (“Keep It Simple and Scalable”) principle that all well-trained engineers follow, so it should be no surprise that systems engineers prefer it over UML for specifying complex systems and systems-of-systems,” said Cris Kobryn, CEO and Founder of PivotPoint Technology, who also chaired the UML 1.1, UML 2.0 and SysML standardization teams. “However, for large-scale projects you need more than a pragmatic modeling language, you also need a power tool that correctly implements the language, and automates all the mundane bookkeeping tasks, such as generating allocation tables, enforcing architectural integrity, and verifying requirements.”

“After surveying the SysML modeling tool market we found that Sparx was our best choice for partnering for two reasons,” Kobryn continued. “First, Sparx’s track record for producing high-quality, feature-rich and cost-effective UML and SysML modeling tools is outstanding, and their tool performance/cost ratio appears to increase monotonically with each release. Secondly, we found that their executive management is committed to maximizing product quality and customer value, which fits well with our own corporate values.”

In addition to the SysML training and consulting services that PivotPoint will provide under the partnership agreement, PivotPoint will also offer UML training and consulting services for Sparx’s award-winning UML product, Enterprise Architect. PivotPoint already offers a “UML 2 Compressed™ with Enterprise Architect” workshop, which combines both UML language and tool training.

"PivotPoint has established an excellent reputation for its pragmatic training workshops that emphasize proven modeling principles and techniques, and we are extremely pleased that our partner is customizing its SysML Distilled workshop for use with our new MDG Technology for SysML," said Sam Mancarella, CTO of Sparx Systems, who also participates in the OMG SysML Finalization Task Force. "As Sparx continues to improve our SysML tool capabilities and grow our market share among system engineers, we recognize it is essential that we partner with innovative companies like PivotPoint that share our strong beliefs in product quality and customer value. SysML modelers will benefit greatly from our partnership, since they will be now be able to obtain best-in-class SysML tools and premium SysML training for a fraction of what they might spend with our competitors.”

For a limited time PivotPoint is offering a special discount for SysML early adopters who want to bundle "SysML Distilled™ with Enterprise Architect™" workshops with Enterprise Architect/MDG Technology for SysML licenses. For more information about the SysML workshop and the early adopter discount contact one of the persons listed below or visit the PivotPoint web.

About PivotPoint Technology

PivotPoint Technology Corporation is a software and systems engineering services company that specializes in Model-Driven Engineering Solutions™ for tough business and technical problems. PivotPoint provides premium training, consulting and tool customization services for software and systems engineers who use UML, SysML and DoDAF and other open standards. PivotPoint works with clients in a wide-range of industries that include aerospace-defense, communications, and enterprise information systems.

About Sparx Systems

Sparx Systems is a software vendor specializing in high performance UML based modeling tools. Their flagship product, Enterprise Architect, won a Jolt Productivity Award in 2006, is sold in over 60 countries world-wide, and continues to be one of the most innovative and affordable UML modeling applications available today. Enterprise Architect is used extensively in specifying, designing, and managing system development across virtually all industry segments.

As a contributing member of the Object Management Group (OMG), Sparx Systems is actively involved in delivering industry standards to the development community. Headquartered in Creswick, Australia, Sparx Systems operates a global network of 230 partners that provide localized sales and training services.


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