Clients Testimonials

Welcome to our Testimonials Page. Sparx Systems receives numerous emails regularly from enthusiastic supporters of Enterprise Architect and our other products.

We appreciate the level of feedback we receive; our development process relies on our supporters around the globe to offer suggestions and request new technologies. Please contact us with any comments or suggestions you may have at: [email protected]

“Moving from a software developer to my first Systems & Business Analyst role back in 2007, I quickly switched from IBM Rational Rose to Enterprise Architect.”

“A model-based approach requires a suitable tool that is cost efficient, open and customizable, with a complete set of features, and can address most needs from requirements gathering, analysis and design with UML, systems engineering/MBSE with SysML, processes with BPMN, to Enterprise Architecture with UML profiles or ArchiMate.”

“ Sparx Enterprise Architect not only fulfils all the above, but also provides the opportunity to meet or share with a very large community of enthusiastic users through Sparx forum, Sparx community site, and the EA User Group events. Working with EA on a daily basis for over 10 years now, I've had the pleasure to be involved with teams and clients for different types of missions (analysis, design, EA customization via scripts, teams training). I also enjoy sharing some of my work and findings through my blog and free add-in “

Guillaume FINANCE
Sparx EA expert and trainer

“I discovered Enterprise Architect while teaching Rational in Stockholm in 2001, and was an immediate and enthusiastic convert. Even back then it offered me a remarkable combination: of precision, collaboration and flexibility at a very low cost.”

“Since that time I have had the privilege to help thousands of Sparx Systems customers in training sessions and while mentor consulting. I continually observe clients achieving major increases in project quality and productivity as a result of using Sparx Enterprise Architect. Now -- years later -- that higher standard in productivity is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Project Managers, Enterprise Architects, Business Architects, Business Analysts, Solutions Architects, Software Engineers and Quality Assurance professionals across the worldwide Sparx Systems community.”

“Enterprise Architect is a thinking person's tool: if you can imagine modeling something -- anything -- you can use the Sparx Enterprise Architect modeling environment to develop models for analysis, collaboration, sharing and specifying highly-complex architectures.”

Ramsay Miller
Practice Leader
integrate iT a global Sparx Partner since 2001

“Sparx Enterprise Architect is the best, most complete tool I've ever used.”

Richard Halter
Global Retail Technology Advisors, LLC

“I use Enterprise Architect for ba modeling activities. I use class diagrams for business domain models, state diagrams for workflow, activity diagrams for business process, use cases and actor diagrams. I add text for each element. The documentation produced creates a useful glossary for others to consume the info conveyed in the diagram.”

“I get a lot accomplished during work sessions when I've drawn a picture of the business process with an activity diagram depicting the different roles with swim-lanes.”

“Users find the diagrams and glossary documentation very handy. The tool is easy to use and helps to convey the problem space well making the scoping and development efforts efficient and more likely to be accurate.”

John Bethke
Principal, CPA
Bethke Consulting

“My team and I have been active in enterprise agile projects since the mid-nineties. We have assembled this broad knowledge and experience in our agile Accelerated Delivery Platform (ADP). Modeling smart use cases, domain models and model driven development have always been important assets in platform and Enterprise Architect has always been and still is our modeling tool of choice.”

Sander Hoogendoorn
Principal Technology Officer | Global Agile Thoughtleader | Chief Architect ADP
Capgemini Technology Services | The Netherlands

“Sparx Systems has done a great job with their implementation of my rapid delivery methods as part of the Zachman Framework add-in to their Enterprise Architect modelling tool, and has delivered great functionality in a very short timeframe.”

“I have been testing Betas 1 and 2 of the Zachman Framework add-in for EA v7.0, which is brilliant! V7.0 with the BPMN add-in was recently released - with full diagramming support for BPMN. V7.0 also automatically generates WSDL for Web services and SOA.”

“I am so impressed with what they have done, I am planning to demonstrate their product in my "Rapid Delivery of Enterprise Architecture Maturity" workshops throughout the world.”

Clive Finkelstein, Information Engineering Services Pty Ltd (
Managing Director

“I'd like to congratulate you and your staff on delivering what I consider to be probably one of the most valuable software products in support of systems engineering in existence, Enterprise Architect.”

Joe Williams, Synapsense Corporation
Sr. Software Architect

“I've used Enterprise Architect for years, and recommend it to my clients considering for UML modeling tools. It's is a great tool, it provides all the essential features and more at a very reasonable price. The ability to store your model in a shared database is a tremendous timesaver.”

Keith McMillan, Adept Technologies llc

“EA lets you describe the parts and pieces of what you want to build, and how they are interrelated. It then draws the pretty picture of what you're planning to build... or creates a web site of the model with a single click... or creates a word processing document... or exports to an XML file... or plugs into Eclipse... or generates stub code and DDLs... or... well, you get the picture.”

Davide Marney, Datatel, Inc. (
Software Architect

“I would have to say that EA has one of the most comprehensive and exhaustive feature sets of any UML lifecycle tool at any price. The performance is fast and everything is conveniently located in a single interface. Thanks for a great product at a price that is accessible to everyone!”

Greg Hoover, Datatel, HTE-UCS, Inc.
Technical Lead

“I tried using Rational Rose the other day for the first time after using EA -- and it was amazingly weak by comparison. You've got a very capable product at 1/15th the cost!”

Cameron O'Rourke
Software Architect

"Thank you, You have a great product."

Johnny Olsa, Investment Scorecard, Inc.
Systems Analyst

“Enterprise Architect has been a surprisingly effective and easy to use UML tool. EA has made easy work of a variety of business process modeling and software development projects accomplished for our customers. For a relatively new tool, EA is quite reliable and, best of all, handy. Our customers have been very impressed with the quality of documentation produced by EA. Sparx seems to be fully committed to EA, as each release brings out a host of new features that bring EA closer to being a full round-trip UML tool, at a fraction of the cost of competing products. Licensing terms are easy and installation is quite a bit simpler than for the competition.”

Bruce Brownlee,
Vice President

“I love this tool. I've been more productive within the first 30 minutes of installing than I ever have with Visio.”

Phil Boyd, IT/FFA
Sr. Sys. Consultant

“...Can I say how impressed I am with Enterprise Architect, particularly with the scope of functionality and its support for modeling the entire development lifecycle, including multi-user/team aspects . Also the integration and support for XML is valuable to me. So far, whatever I have wanted to do, there has been a neat and friendly way of achieving it - as if someone has already wanted to achieve the same result and included it in the product. I have used a number of other modeling tools (including Rose and Select Component Architect) extensively and have written scripts/macros/etc to generate documentation via their API's but have been disappointed by their lack of breadth and the amount of effort that is required to achieve even quite simple objectives. Thanks.”

Jonathan Beebe, [email protected]

“To be honest, EA is a fantastic product... the price you charge is way below what it is worth!”

Matt Ellis, Solutions Reality

“I have used many UML tools, from Rose, Together Control Center, Embarcadero and Quest, to Poseidon and other open source tools and your product is the best - hands down. The feature set is so rich it takes a team to exercise it all!”

Charlie Adkins, Adkins and Associates Strategic Information Systems

“Sparx Systems seems like much more of a 'developer company's company'. By that, I mean that the forums appear to be full of examples of EA designers and developers immediately addressing customer problems and needs. You just don't find this kind of accessibility from many of the well-known vendors.”

J. Dossett, SEP, Inc.
Senior Engineer

“I wanted to tell you that I have been using Enterprise Architect for several months now and am continually blown away by it. I have used nearly every UML tool on the market at one time or another -- from Rose, XDE, and Together to MagicDraw, Eclipse, Poseidon, and ArgoUML -- and find that nothing can compare to the power, ease-of-use, and rock-bottom price of Enterprise Architect. I have been further enlightened with the recent addition of the Zicom Mentor to the tool. I have never felt more invincible as an architect and designer!”

Craig A. De Ruisseau, Analog Devices, Inc.
Web Development Manager

“It's... great! My decision to purchase EA was confirmed within 20 minutes. I opened up EA and expressed a core design without reading one line of the excellent documentation. In my book, that's the sign of a great product. I have used many other CASE tools for UML... EA eclipses all of them.”

Steve Midwinter, KOM*1 Open Community Systems B.V.
Chief Architect

“I bought EA a few weeks ago after looking around for a UML tool and EA seemed to have it all - great functionality, rock bottom price.”

“I've been using it for the last week or so developing a logical model and this tool is so easy to use and offers an incredible depth of functionality. EA is, without a doubt, the developer tool bargain of the century.”

Peter M Jones, Systems Engineering Pty Ltd

“I think that Enterprise Architect is a comprehensive, feature-rich and easy to use integrated design tool. It is a developer's dream come true, with an excellent cost-quality advantage and definitely will benefit any organisation which is interested in unleashing the power and benefits of OOA/D using UML.”

Sunil Koul, Sasken Communication Technologies Limited, Bangalore
Software Designer

“Enterprise Architect greatly helps expedite X12 modeling initiatives for both existing EDI transactions and new and emerging CICA messages. We expect it will continue to benefit our development activities and its value to X12 cannot be overstated.”

Ralph Berwanger, ASC X12 Chair
Software Designer

“The Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) has selected Enterprise Architect as its tool of choice to develop and share their work on UnifiedPOS 2.0 model, as well as WS-POS 1.1, Business Process Modeling maps and various XML Schemas.”

H. Paul Gay, Chair, ARTS UnifiedPOS
Committee and Member, ARTS XML
Technical Committee

“We are using Sparx Enterprise Architect to model the development of an energy station for transport, over a period of five years, using best practice technology development, and outsourced ICT data centre infrastructure for electricity, hydrogen and CO2 metrics. Sparx EA allows us to model complex information flows around the production and supply of renewable energy for both the electricity grid, and for powering up hydrogen and electric vehicles. With a business domain model, linked to data centric messaging models, using EA's MDG technologies provides a head start for the technical design of transactions and analytics for network devices, vehicle microcontrollers, and tracking servers. As the systems are improved, we are setting conscious targets to automate the development of integration code directly from the models, feeding back from development into the models.”

Nya Murry

“Although my project' languages may be C#, Java, or C++, the one thing that remains a constant is my use of SPARX EA. To effectively execute my roles of Enterprise and Software Architect I must have SPARX EA as my primary tool.”

Tad Anderson, Independent Contractor

“I've been using Enterprise Architect for 9 years now and it is my preferred UML modeling tool. I often use EA for constructing UML class models during interactive modeling sessions with customers. As they articulate the requirements, I construct a class model before their eyes. When we finish, I suggest that they buy a copy of EA, if they don't have it already. It's a great situation -- EA provides me with a professional tool for constructing models and my customers with a low-cost tool for maintaining models.”

Michael Blaha, Modelsoft Consulting Corp

“I found EA incredibly powerful and above all, flexible. The documentation that it produces is excellent ... It significantly reduced the amount of duplicated work that I had to do. ... I would now find it hard to justify the expense of Rational or Popkin's products. An excellent product at a reasonable price with impressive, after-sales, personal technical support.”

Tom Burton, Design of Information Systems, UK

“Enterprise Architect (EA) is one of the best tools in the software modeling space in today's market. It offers both, a comprehensive set of languages and powerful cross modeling capabilities that can combine multiple modeling platforms in one diagram, model, or project. As a result, time-to-market, expenditure reduction, and asset consolidation are a few, yet, outstanding benefits of EA. In addition, the powerful EA nimble features contribute incalculable technological and business value to our firm and to the rainbow of clients we serve in a variety of industries.”

Michael Bell, Methodologies Corporation
Chief Architect

“We find Enterprise Architect a quality tool that offers good functionality for an excellent price. Enterprise Architect offers possibilities, which more expensive tools not always offer. The integration of a design environment and project management support, the option to calculate project estimates, glossary support and the possibility to store defects and solutions related to maintenance makes Enterprise Architect a valuable tool. It is the integration of these functions we like best.“

Jaco de Vries, OMNEXT.NET
Director Commerce : [email protected]