Pro Cloud Server

Recent Features


This section lists the features of Pro Cloud Server v4.2, for the following builds:



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Pro Cloud Server v4.2 (Build 61) Beta
24th of July 2020
  • Cloud Server
    • When saving Extended Server settings the opening round bracket of the first soap port is no longer lost
  • SBPI
    • Polarion now supports custom ports
    • Polarion now supports HTTPS connections
  • Worker
    • Included build 1553
  • WebEA
    • Added support for model chat
    • Improved navigation while using mobile devices
    • Improved diagram zooming while using mobile devices
    • Improved Model Mail usage while using mobile devices
    • Improve layout of Hamburger menu items
    • Improve layout, positioning and general usage of Reviews and Discussions
    • Improved performance of Model Mail by making use of optional 'Last X days' filter
    • Video based internal artifacts now provide a watch video button
Pro Cloud Server v4.2 (Build 60) Beta
14th of May 2020
  • Cloud Server
    • NEW FEATURE: Floating License Server security now integrates with Active Directory
  • Integration Plugins - Server Based Plugin Interface (SBPI)
    • NEW FEATURE: New Integration Plugin for Polarion
  • OSLC
    • OSLC v1 the Requirements Management interface now requires a valid license in order to use it
  • Worker
    • Included build 1550
    • NEW FEATURE: The EAWorker can optionally produce log messages to its own log files
    • The EAWorker executable no longer registers file extension associations
  • WebEA
    • NEW FEATURE: Added support for Model Mail
    • Adding/Editing Notes can now be accessed via the Properties View
    • Adding/Editing Objects and resources is now done via a Modal Dialog
    • Selections when creating objects are now preserved between sessions (using Web Browser Cookies)
    • Custom Search is now performed via a modal dialog
    • Custom Search options are preserved between searches and sessions (using Web Browser Cookies)
    • Custom Search no longer replaces the main view when no results were found
    • Properties View: Multiple features can now be displayed at once
    • Properties View: Users can change the order of features
    • Properties View: Option to either show or hide empty sections
    • Properties View: Configuration is preserved between sessions (using Web Browser Cookies)
    • List Views, such as the Package List and Search results can now be sorted by clicking on a column header
    • Review 'Summary' tab no longer appears to be selected when filter is set to show all properties
    • Main Properties now displays DMN Decision Tables for Decision and BusinessKnowledgeModel elements
    • Config page now includes a field for the OSLC Access Code
  • Cloud Configuration Client
    • Worker configuration screen now allows the definition of Logging Interval and Level
  • Web Config
    • NEW FEATURE: The Floating License Server group file can now configured using WebConfig
  • Floating License Server Client
    • NEW FEATURE: The Floating License Server group file can now configured within the GUI
    • NEW FEATURE: Help buttons added to most screens
    • Improved security: When using the FLS Config Client to manage Groups, passwords are encrypted when saved