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Recent Features


This page lists the features of Pro Cloud Server v5.1, for the following builds:


The main features of Pro Cloud Server 5.1 are shown on the official release page.


For information relating to the history of other versions, select a version below.



Pro Cloud Server v5.1 (Build 121)
29th of November 2022
  • Cloud Server
    • Improved performance when connected to Pro Cloud Server models
    • Improved shutdown of service, including the logging
    • Improved handling of slow or unstable network connections
    • Improved handling of special characters in PCS connection strings
    • Improved connections from Enterprise Architect v15.2 or lower to native database models
    • PCS now supports the import of service settings file larger than 64K chars
    • Native Oracle connections optimized to reduce unique network calls to the database for CLOB fields
    • Now handles updates to Attribute Constraints in case sensitive repositories
    • Floating License Server: Improve Windows Authentication: support nested groups; support user and group belonging to different domains
    • Floating License Server: Auto Checkins are now allowed if the EA Client is part of the PCS Client Allow list
    • Floating License Server: Ensure that floating license checkouts are persisted
  • Integration Plugins - Server Based Plugin Interface (SBPI)
  • OSLC
    • Updated Project Search call to support unicode characters in the search term
    • Thread ID will now be included when logging SQL
    • Corrected memory leak when making OSLC requests including diagram images
    • Corrected issue where URL encoded parameters in OSLC calls were sometimes not correctly decoded
    • 'Status' property will now be set when creating and updating Requirement elements
    • Enum type Tagged Value now handle comma separated values that include spaces
  • Cloud Configuration Client
    • Improved handling of special characters in PCS connection strings
  • Worker
    • Included build 1621
  • WebEA
    • WebEA's breadcrumb now supports object names that include HTML special characters
    • Added Support for requirements and constraints in the properties view
    • Added option to include diagram-only objects in the browser
    • Added support for the right click 'Open link in new tab' option in the favorites view
    • Improved WebEA behavior when the connected Pro Cloud Server service is stopped
    • Improved WebEA's login behavior with OpenID
    • Improved WebEA's behavior when accessing images from the image manager
    • Chat refresh no longer clears the chat input
    • Properties 'Instances' section now displays the object stereotype and event type
  • Web Config
    • Improved handling of admin passwords which contain special characters
    • Improved handling of special characters in PCS connection strings
    • Improved the generated PostgreSQL ODBC connection strings, particularly for Postgres v14 (and later)