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FAQ Introduction

This is a compiled set of answers to questions that commonly arise when working with Enterprise Architect. For more up-to-the-minute and interactive questions and answers, you can also check the discussion Forum.

Section Table

These sections address the general area of deployment and related set up processes, for scenarios ranging from a simple office to large multi-site organizations.



New User Startup

Answers to common questions arising from:

  • Downloading and installing Enterprise Architect
  • Working with the Trial Edition of Enterprise Architect
  • New users starting to use Enterprise Architect

General Questions

Answers to general questions including:

  • How do I update to the latest release of Enterprise Architect?
  • Can I use a .eap file for a large repository?
  • Can I follow my issue on the web?
  • Can I show Notes and Tagged Values on Activity, Action, or Use Case elements?
  • Can I migrate Enterprise Architect settings?
  • Can I use Windows Active Directory?

Model Repository

Answers to questions on working with Enterprise Architect repositories; areas addressed include:

  • Using .eap files
  • Working with DBMS repositories

Pro Cloud and Cloud

Answers to questions on working with Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server, including:

  • Where to start with a Cloud install
  • How to transfer a repository to a Pro Cloud Server DBMS
  • Can the Pro Cloud Server be hosted on Azure or Amazon Web Services?
  • Can I use Windows Active Directory on a Pro Cloud Server?
  • Can the Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server be run on Linux?


Answers to questions on:

  • General Licensing
  • Using the Floating License management service


Answers to questions relating to:

  • Requirements Management
  • Using the Specification Manager
  • Setting new fields
  • Tracing Requirements


Answers to questions that arise when starting to use Enterprise Architect for modeling, including:

  • Diagram issues
  • Instantiation
  • User defined Profiles

Change Control

Answers to questions on:

  • Importing and exporting models
  • Using Baselines
  • Using Version Control


Answers to questions on:

  • Modeling Databases
  • Forward and reverse engineering Databases


Answers to questions relating to:

  • Forward engineering of code
  • Reverse engineering of code


Answers to questions on:

  • User-definable Document Reporting
  • Web page publishing using HTML
  • Publishing model content through WebEA


Answers to common questions that arise when performing:

  • Behavioral Model Simulation
  • Parametric Simulation


Answers to some of the more common questions related to using Enterprise Architect's Automation Interface.