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This topic provides answers to questions relating to Requirements Management in Enterprise Architect.



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How do I set up my own 'fields' for Requirement elements?

The Requirement element can be predefined to include a set of user-defined 'fields' or 'attributes'. These are used to document user-specific qualities. The additional attributes can be defined using a Profile Definition.

For more details see page 40 in the Requirements Management with Enterprise Architect white paper and the Profile Helpers webinar.

Requirements Management with Enterprise Architect Profile Helpers Webinar Using the Profile Helpers Developing Profiles

How do I import Requirements from a Spreadsheet?

Saving a spreadsheet in CSV ('Comma Separated Values') format will allow it to be imported using Enterprise Architect's CSV Import feature.

CSV Import CSV Specifications Using Preserve Hierarchy Requirements Management with Enterprise Architect

How do I automatically number my Requirements?

You can achieve this by using the Auto Names and Counters feature. For details, see the Set Auto Naming and Auto Counters Help topic.

Set Auto Naming and Auto Counters

How do I track changes to my Requirements?

The Audit feature allows you to record model changes in Enterprise Architect. It records details of who changed an element, when and what was changed, and the prior state of the model. This can be useful for recording a history of changes to requirements models.

For more details see the Auditing Help topic.


How can I trace my Requirements?

You can use the Relationship Matrix and Traceability window to follow threads through the model to determine how your requirement is implemented and tested.

Traceability Tools Relationship Matrix Tools for Traceability demonstration