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This topic provides answers to frequently-asked questions that can arise when using the Simulation features of Enterprise Architect.



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How do I get started with Model Simulation?

You have several options for learning about and experimenting with Model Simulation:

  • Review the StateMachine Simulation white paper, which presents an example model and introduces StateMachine model Simulation, JavaScript and Win32 User Interface diagrams in simulations
  • Refer to the Help topics Model Simulation and Dynamic Simulations
  • Review the Webinar library and watch some of the several webinars on aspects of simulation, such as Simulation and Decision Making in Enterprise Architect 12.1
State Machine Simulation whitepaper Webinar - Simulation & Prototyping Dynamic Model Simulation Model Simulation

Where can I find examples of Model Simulation?

A series of starter models covering the core Simulation features can be found in the EAExample.eap model (Start > Help > Help > Open the Example Model). Using the Browser window, see the Packages under:

     - Example Model.Model Simulation

Which UML model types can I simulate?

Using the Model Simulator, you can simulate the execution of UML Behavioral models including:

  • StateMachine models
  • Activity models
  • Interaction models
Dynamic Model Simulation

How do I run a Business Process Model (BPMN) simulation?

Enterprise Architect supports BPMN simulation in two forms:

  • Standard Behavioral model simulation covering the BPMN flow as a viewable simulation
  • Simulation using the BPSim MDG Add-In.

The Behavioral Model simulation of BPMN diagrams will diagrammatically simulate the flow through the BPMN model. For details refer to the BPMN Simulation Help topic.

The BPSim Add-In supports repetitive runs of the simulation and reports on the flows based on variables set for various perspectives. Note that this feature is only available as a separately-purchased Add-In. For details refer to the BPSim Business Simulations Help topic.

BPMN Simulation Business Process Simulation (BPSim)

Does Enterprise Architect support Parametric model simulation?

Yes, Enterprise Architect supports Parametric model simulation using OpenModelica. For more details refer to the Parametric Simulation Help topic.

Parametric Simulation using OpenModelica

Can I interact with a User Interface during model simulation?

Yes, Enterprise Architect supports Win32 User Interface modeling, which can be configured with Broadcast signals for interaction with a simulation. JavaScript can also be used to dynamically update properties of the Win32 User Interface during the simulation. For more details refer to the Win32 User Interface Simulation and Dynamic Simulation with JavaScript Help topics. Also refer to the StateMachine Simulation white paper.

State Machine Simulation whitepaper Win32 User Interface Simulation Dynamic Simulation with JavaScript

Can we use Automation to run simulations?

Yes, Enterprise Architect's Automation Interface supports calling and controlling simulations from script or Add-In code. For further details refer to the Simulation Class Help topic.

Simulation Class