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Database Engineering

This topic provides answers to frequently-asked questions related to forward and reverse engineering DBMS structures using Enterprise Architect.

Database Engineering



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How do I generate a diagram when I reverse engineer a DBMS database?

To ensure that a diagram is generated when you reverse engineer a database as a simple import (rather than via the Database Builder) firstly ensure that you create a Data Modeling diagram. 

See the Import Database Schema Using a Diagram table of the Import Database Schema Help topic.

Import Database Schema

How do I get a Data Dictionary from the model?

You can use a simple Model Search query providing a Data Dictionary, as shown in the Data Dictionary section in the Appendix of the Data Modeling - From Conceptual Model to DBMS white paper.

Data Modeling whitepaper

How do I compare my model with the current DBMS structure?

The Database Builder provides a 'Database Compare' option for easily comparing the model with an existing DBMS, such as the testing DBMS or the production DBMS.

The Database Builder Database Compare

Can I reverse engineer a database from DDL?

Enterprise Architect is designed to work interactively with the DBMS being modeled.  A Database schema import is only possible through an ODBC connection with a live database. It does not support import of a database schema from a DDL text file. For further details, refer to the Import Database Schema Help topic.

Import Database Schema