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Database Modeling

This topic provides answers to frequently-asked questions on Data Modeling.



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How do I set my Data Modeling notation (such as Crows feet or IDEF1X)?

By default, connectors in Enterprise Architect Data Modeling diagrams are set to use the Information Engineering diagram notation.  You can set this to a different notation via the diagram's 'Properties' dialog:

Select the 'Design > Diagram > Manage > Properties' ribbon option, click on the 'Connectors' tab and edit the 'Connector Notation' field.

Connectors Tab

How do I generate a DDL model from a Class diagram?

Enterprise Architect supports MDA transformation of a Class diagram (Platform Independent Model) to a DDL data model diagram for a specific DBMS (Platform Specific Model), ready to be exported via SQL script or ODBC connection to a DBMS.

For more details see the DDL Transformation Help topic.

See also the Data Modeling - From Conceptual Model to DBMS white paper.

Data Modeling Whitepaper DDL Transformation

How do I connect Table fields to User Interface Input fields?

Using Enterprise Architect's 'Win32' dialog you can easily map Table fields in a Data Model diagram to UI fields, using the 'Connect to Element Feature' option.

Connect to Element Feature Win32 UI Technology

How do I model a Table-to-Table mapping?

When modeling a Table-to-Table relationship you can set the mapping of field-to-field using the 'Connect to Element Feature' option.

You can also map using a Transform Class in the form: Table-Transform-Table, and use either:

  • Field-Field-Field  or
  • Field-Operation-Field, and define in the Operation any functions used in the translation
Connect to Element Feature

How do I create a Logical Data model from a database I have reverse engineered into Enterprise Architect?

For a discussion on an MDA Transform from a Physical DDL model to a Logical model, see the article Data Modeling - Logical and Conceptual MDA Transforms on the Community site.

Data modeling Logical and Conceptual MDA Transforms