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Firewall Settings

When setting up a Pro Cloud Server, you must check that the Firewall on the server is set to allow the incoming ports for the database connections that you have created.

For example, in the default SSProCloud.config configuration file the Pro Cloud Server listens on ports 804 and 805, however if you have a firewall you must set these ports as enabled for inbound traffic.

The Pro Cloud Server installation will automatically create an inbound Windows firewall rule, similar to the one shown in the above image however the default rule should be reviewed and updated to suit your environment.

For information on creating the Inbound Rule to identify the ports you have specified in the config file (the 'Sparx Systems Professional Cloud' rule in the illustration), see the Microsoft Windows online topic Create an Inbound Port Rule.

Note: A common cause of failure is that other services or programs are already using the allocated ports. This is especially likely when using the default http (80) and https (443) ports. Check that no other services are using the allocated ports.