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WebConfig - Server Settings

The Server Settings page provides various options and information regarding the Pro Cloud Server Configuration.

Server Settings



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Default Max Queries

Model Connections can specify the maximum number of requests which can be serviced concurrently. This setting determines the default 'Max Simultaneous Queries' when defining a new Model Connection".

Default: 10

Logging Level

Click on the drop-down arrow and select the level of information to be written to the log file. The valid options are:

  OFF - No logging is performed

  FATAL - Only fatal errors are logged

  WARNING - Warnings are logged

  INFO - Information messages that provide general message advising what actions are occurring

  SYSTEM  - More detailed messages

Log Levels are cumulative, for example the INFO level includes all messages of type FATAL, WARNING and INFO

Manage PCS Licenses

Navigates to the 'Pro Cloud Server Licenses' screen, which allows you to add/remove Pro Cloud Licenses.

Change Password

Allows you to change the password for accessing the Cloud Configuration (or set a password if one has not already been set).

Changing/Setting a password will also log you out of the Cloud Configuration, returning you to the login screen.

More Info

The More Info section contains a number of read only fields providing information regarding the Cloud Server Configuration.

Log File Count

The number of log files that should be retained. All logging is written to files named 'SparxCloudServicesLog-X.log' where X represents the file number.

File 'SparxCloudServicesLog-1.log' is always the current file. When the maximum file size is reached, all existing files are renamed by incrementing the file number and a new 'SparxCloudServicesLog-1.log' created.

Log File Size (bytes)

The maximum file size of each log file. When the file reaches this maximum, a new file is created.

Log Audit Time Period (sec)

The number of seconds between audit reports.

Log Directory

The directory into which the log files are saved.

Floating License Keystore

The full path of the Floating License Keystore file.

Floating License Group Config

The full path of the Floating License Keystore group configuration file.

Cloud Installation Directory

The Directory where the Cloud Server is installed to.

Temp Directory

The Cloud Server Temp directory.

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