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SysML Package Diagram

A SysML Package diagram provides a means of visualizing the organization of a complex model into recognizable containers, which helps you to group the structures of the model and define high level relationships between these groupings. The structures can include name-spaces and their sub-Packages, and other less formally defined groups of elements. The basis of allocating structures to Packages could be, for example, access control, configuration Management, ease of navigation, or dependency level.


The main element represented in the Package diagram is the Package itself, which can represent a complete Model, a Model Library of commonly-used objects (such as definitions and values), or a Package as a container. The diagram can also show two stereotyped Class elements - a SysML View, which defines an aspect of a system, from a perspective defined by a SysML View Point. The diagram can contain no relationships, simply indicating how objects are grouped, or it can show a number of relationships to indicate how the Packages are interlinked. For details of the element and connector types, see the SysML Model Toolbox Help topic.

The Packages that appear in diagrams can also be viewed in the Browser window, and their hierarchy can be navigated by expanding and collapsing the tree.

Your use of the SysML diagram facilities can show the model structure in different ways. The simplest way is to just show Packages as containers, with their full contents. For example:

This appearance is achieved by setting the diagram and Package element to show compartments, specifically the 'Package Contents' compartment. It shows the complete contents, but gives no indication of structure or importance.

If you want to show certain structures that are relevant to the purpose of the diagram, but not the complete content, you can turn off the compartment and drag the required elements onto the Package on the diagram.

This format shows Package contents that are important to a purpose, but it does not indicate structure or relationships. You can show the structure clearly using a third format, where the content elements are separate and linked by labeled connectors.

Depending on what you want to represent in the diagram, you can use any combination of these formats for different elements in the same diagram.


The main elements that you can create in Package diagrams are:

  • Model
  • Model Library
  • Package
  • View
  • View Point
  • Stakeholder

The main relationships that you can use in Package diagrams are:

  • Conform
  • Dependency
  • Import
  • Containment
  • Realization
  • Refine
  • Expose

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