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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Team Library Connections

If you are modeling in a different model from the rest of your team, you can switch to Team Libraries from other Enterprise Architect models, including models located on servers. This connects only to the Team Library for the selected model; it does not change the model open in the Browser window or anywhere else in the system.


Open the Team Documents window using one of the methods outlined here, then either:

  • Right-click on the Team Documents window and select 'Connections', or
  • Click on the 'Connection Options' drop-down field and choose 'Configure Connections'


Start > Collaborate > Team Library

Keyboard Shortcuts


Switch to another Team Library



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Select the appropriate model name from the drop-down list in the '<current model>' field, to connect to the Team Library for that model.

If the required model is not listed, click on the '<Configure Connections>' option; the 'Team Documents Server Connections' dialog displays.

Configuring Team Documents Server Connections in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Go to Step 3.



Right-click anywhere in the Team Library window and select the 'Connections' option; the 'Team Documents Server Connections' dialog displays.

In the list in the 'Connections' panel, select the checkbox against the appropriate model name to connect to the Team Library for that model, then click on the Open button.

The connection now switches to the Team Library in the selected model.

If the required model is not listed, go to Step 3.


Click on the New button and select the appropriate type of connection from the list.

  • For a local project file, a browser dialog displays through which you can search for and select the appropriate model
  • For a model in a DBMS data repository, select the 'Connection Wizard' option to display the Microsoft 'Data Link Properties' dialogs, through which you can locate and connect to the repository
  • For a Cloud connection, the 'Cloud Connection' dialog displays in which you specify the details of the model connection on the Cloud
  • For an external connection string, a prompt displays in which you type in or paste that connection string
Connecting Enterprise Architect to a Cloud Model


When you have selected and opened or connected to the required Enterprise Architect model, and returned to the 'Team Documents Server Connections' dialog, the model name displays in the 'Connection Name' field and in the 'Connections' panel.


Select the checkbox against the model name and click on the Open button to connect to the Team Library for that model.

The Team Library now shows the discussions in the selected model.

Fields/Options on the 'Team Documents Server Connections' dialog



See also


Verify the name of the selected model.


Verify the path to the selected model.


Click on this button to display the list of connection types you can select as the first step in identifying the model for a new Team Library connection.


Click on this button to delete the currently selected connection from the 'Connections' list. There is no confirmation prompt; the connection is immediately removed from the list.


View all Team Library connections created; click on the checkbox against the required connection.


Click on this button to switch the Team Library to the selected connection and to close the dialog.