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The Function of Packages

In addition to the previous discussion Packages are an important element in the use of Enterprise Architect as they are used as the basis for a number of facilities in the tool, including:

  • Container for elements,
  • Namespace Definition,
  • Security,
  • Version Control,
  • Baselines,
  • Importing and Exporting,
  • Documentation,
  • Auditing,
  • Time Aware Modeling, and much more.

These things all have to be considered when deciding upon the structure of the Packages. Containership and namespace are the most critical, but all the other functions must be kept in mind when deciding on an initial model structure or when the model structure is being re-factored. It is often the case that some of the functions are not initially used and only brought into play when the repository has gained a degree of maturity. This is often a trigger for the repository to be reorganized, but fortunately - because of the ease of drag-and-drop - this can be done easily and effectively and is not a time consuming exercise.