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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Simscape Integration

Simscape is used to model physical systems with physical flows, translating SysML Internal Block diagrams into a Simulink model, opening up Simscape's vast array of library blocks across many different physical domains.

Enterprise Architect can translate SysML Internal Block diagrams into MATLAB's Simscape, which is an optional extension to Simulink that allows modeling of physical systems and instructs MATLAB to simulate and plot the requested outputs. The Blocks represent physical objects, and the flows represent the physical flow of a substance or energy (such as liquid, current, gas, flux, force/torque, heat flow and so on; for example, water flowing from one tank to the next, or current flowing through a resistor). You can use the built in SysPhS patterns to access the vast array of pre-built Simscape library blocks, or create references to your own custom library blocks using the SimulinkBlock stereotype.

See the link to "Basic Principles of Modeling Physical Networks" below for details on using Simulink and Simscape.

Physical flow properties must be typed by Block and include one conserved PhSVariable and one non-conserved PhSVariable. Use the Model Wizard patterns for SysPhS available under the SysML perspective, which include:

  • SysPhS elements for physical interaction
  • SysPhS elements for signal flow


  • The option 'Use Simscape' must be ticked in the Configure SysML Simulation window
  • Ports with 'inout' direction (or none) will be assumed to be physical flows
  • Any Block with an 'inout' Port will be generated as Simscape – if it also has 'in' or 'out' Ports, these will be set to Simscape 'physical signals'. These can be connected to output 'physical signals' or to Simulink inputs and outputs. The Simulink converter required to do this will be automatically generated and inserted into the model during generation.


Sparx Systems provide a YouTube video of generating a SysML Simulation plot using Simscape. See:

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