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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Introducing Simulation

Model Simulation in Enterprise Architect provides a suite of tools to simulate the execution and behavior of the processes that your models define. The tools provide facilities to dynamically simulate a range of types of model, and include specialized tools for:

  • Executable StateMachines - which provide a complete language-specific implementation that can form the behavioral 'engine' for multiple software products on multiple platforms; supported by the Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect
  • Decision Analysis (Decision Model and Notation - DMN) - operates through the DMNSimConfiguration Artifact, which defines the simulation of a DMN model depicted by Decision Requirements diagrams, using the DMN Simulation window; you can simulate a decision within a business process - BPMN and DMN together
  • Process Analysis (BPSim) - the BPSim specification is very detailed and offers the interested modeler and business strategist an unprecedented flexibility in assigning operating parameters to a model and then assessing the quality of the solution based on information received back from the Simulation engine
  • System Behavior - provides integration with both OpenModelica and MATLAB Simulink to support rapid and robust evaluation of how a SysML model will behave in different circumstances

Systems engineers, technical architects and others can couple their modeling and simulation work in Enterprise Architect with MATLAB, Octave, OpenModelica and more. 'Solver' classes and an extensive Math Library in the JavaScript engine provide a significantly expanded simulation capability.

Having performed a simulation or a set of simulations, you can use Dynamic Charts to represent the results of those simulations, allowing you to:

  • Save the results of your simulations as visual Chart elements
  • Easily include Charts populated by simulation results in your reports
  • Share user-friendly simulation results with stakeholders without requiring any additional simulation tools

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