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Browser Window

Getting to know the Browser window

Introducing the Browser window

The Browser window is the primary tool for structuring and navigating through the repository using expanding and collapsing tree nodes. The key structural element is the Package, which is a folder-like element that can contain other elements and diagrams, and other Packages. The elements in turn can contain other elements, features and diagrams. Root nodes are the highest nodes in the tree and these root Packages can contain views that in turn can contain any level of Packages and elements. Tree nodes including Packages, elements, Features and diagrams can be copied and pasted between locations or dragged and dropped to new locations. Many important tools, functions and windows are applied at the level of the Package, such as import or export of model content, documentation and Package Control, including Baselines.

Showing Packages and Features in the project browser in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Where to find the Browser window

Ribbon: Explore > Portals > Windows > Explore > Project Browser

Ribbon: Start > Application > Design > Browser

Usage of the Browser window

The Browser window can be used to create and manage the structure of the repository by adding and deleting, moving and copying Packages, elements, Features and diagrams. It is often the primary tool for exploring and browsing through the elements in the repository and finding things of interest. A modeler working with an open diagram will often want to locate a diagram object in the Browser window as a way of finding out what Package it belongs to and what its peers are.

Options for the Browser window

The Browser window has a context menu that contains the important functions that apply to each of the selected element types. Many of the functions are also available in the Browser header bar, including the ability to create models, Packages, diagrams, elements and documentation, and the ability to focus on specific Packages in the model by identifyingthem as 'Favorites'. The Browser window itself can be moved around the workspace as required.

Project Browser Toolbar in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

There are also several important ways the Browser window can be configured by using the 'Preferences' dialog. These include the ability to show or hide stereotypes in the name of a tree node, the ability to freely sort the tree nodes within a Package or element and whether to warn about deletions from the tree.

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The Browser Window