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Specification Manager

Getting to Know the Specification Manager

Introducing the Specification Manager

The Specification Manager is the central tool for working with Requirements; it provides an interface resembling a Word Processor or Spreadsheet tool for entering, maintaining and viewing Requirements. New Requirements can be created with names and detailed descriptions and properties such as Status and Priority can be added from drop-down lists. Existing Requirements can be viewed and managed in a convenient view, and changing them in the Specification Manager will change them in all other places in the repository such as diagrams and windows. It is the perfect tool for those analysts more comfortable working with text rather than diagrams and who are accustomed to working in a Word Processor or Spreadsheet. It has the added advantage that the requirements are part of a model and can be traced to other elements, including Business Drivers, Stakeholders and Solution Components.

Defining requirements using the Specification Manager in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Where to find the Specification Manager

Browser window | Right-click on Package | Specification Manager

Usage of the Specification Manager

To create, view and maintain Requirements in a text based tool that resembles working in a word processor or spreadsheet. Details can be added to the Requirements and Requirement properties can be added from drop-down lists. When the Requirements are changed in the Specification Manager the changes are conveniently reflected in the Browser window and all other windows.

Options for the Specification Manager

There are a wide range of options available from the options menu, to tailor the way you use the Specification Manager. These include Level (hierarchical) Numbering, Auto Naming, Spell Check, Documentation, Import and Export of Requirements, access to various related tools and more.

The Specification Manager Options Menu, in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

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The Specification Manager