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Register Source Code Library

These steps outline the process for registering a source code library.




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In the Reusable Asset Service view, select the appropriate Registry and 'Source Code Library' Storage.

Set Up the Asset Service


On the 'Registry Browser' tab, click on the Register button.

If the Storage is password protected, a prompt displays for your 'Complete Access' password. Type this in and click on the OK button.


The 'Register Source Code Library' dialog displays.

Select the Library file by pressing the Browse. button next to the 'File' field.

Type in a short comment for the Library being registered, in the 'Comments' field.


Click on the Register button.

A prompt displays to confirm registering the Library file. Click on the Yes button.

If the same Library file already exists in the Registry a prompt displays to confirm overwriting it. Click on the Yes button.

A progress dialog displays, followed by a message confirming that Library registration is complete.


Click on the OK button.

The 'Storage Files' tab in the lower half of the Reusable Asset Server view is updated with the newly-added Library file.