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The Code Editors

Enterprise Architect provides a number of editors that you can use across the development environment to maintain scripts, code and templates. Each editor has its own features, but they are all based on a common Code Editor control.

You can have several code editors (or files within a code editor) open at the same time, as separate tabs in the Enterprise Architect central work area (the 'Diagram View'). You can also close the editors individually or all together, leaving views of other types (such as diagrams or Document reports) still open.

Code Editors



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Shape Script Editor

When you create a Shape Script to alter the appearance of an element or connector through the use of a stereotype, you create and edit the script using the Shape Script Editor, which provides a number of facilities including Intelli-sense for Shape Script attributes and functions.

Shape Editor

Code Generation Template Editor

You use the Code Generation Template Editor to create and edit templates that control the generation of code from your model elements. The facilities include Intelli-sense for a wide range of macros.

The Code Template Editor

Transformation Template Editor

You use the Transformation Template Editor to create and edit templates that control the transformation of model structures from one domain to another (typically a generic domain to a code language specific domain).

Edit Transformation Templates

Custom SQL Search Filter Editor

The Custom SQL Search Filter Editor is available through the Model Search facility, to define your own SQL searches for locating information in your model.

Create Search Definitions

Database View Editor

The 'Database View editor' is available within the 'View definition' field of a database View element 'Properties' dialog. You create the View definition in SQL, using Intelli-sense for basic SQL keywords and functions.

Database Views

HTML and CSS Style Editor

You use the HTML and CSS Style Editor to create web style templates from which to generate HTML reports. These templates incorporate a large number of HTML Template Fragments, which you edit to customize the reports for your specific purposes.

Create Web Style Templates

Source Code Viewer

You use the Source Code Viewer to both display and edit the source code files that you have generated or imported for an element. The Viewer/Editor is quite adaptable, and you can access it and use it in different ways for different types of source code file.

Editing Source Code

Script Editor

Enterprise Architect provides a flexible and easy to use scripting capability to create scripts in JavaScript, Microsoft JScript or VBScript for programmatically inspecting and/or modifying elements within the currently open model. You use the Script Editor to create and edit scripts, and to run, debug and stop an open script.

Script Editor

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