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File Panel

The 'File' panel helps you to manage internal document files, the way the content displays, file security and objects you can add to the content (such as hyperlinks).

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Click on this icon to save any changes you have made to the document file. (The icon is not available if no changes are pending).


Click on the drop-down arrow and select from a number of options for manipulating the file contents as a whole.

  • Import File - import the contents of an existing document into the current file
  • Save As (Export to File) - save your document to a different document file
  • New (Clear Document) - clear the current contents of the document for redesign
  • Reload from Repository - reload the file contents from the previously-saved version
  • Page Layout - display the 'Page Setup' dialog and set the page margins for the file
  • Printer Setup - display the 'Print Setup' dialog and confirm or reselect the core parameters such as page size, or click on the Properties button to define more advanced settings
  • Print - display the 'Print' dialog to define the print job for the document
  • Print Preview - display the document as it would appear when printed
File Control


Click on the drop-down arrow to display options for displaying the document content on the screen.

  • Page Mode - display a full-screen view of the content as pages with borders
  • Page Mode - Borderless - display a full-screen view of the content with no borders
  • Fitted Mode - fit the document to the display area
  • Horizontal Ruler - display or hide the ruler at the top of the page, showing tab stops and paragraph indentation marks
  • Vertical Ruler - display or hide the ruler against the left edge of the page, indicating the depth of the top and bottom margins of the page
  • Status Ribbon - display or hide the status ribbon at the bottom of the editing panel, showing the current page number, line number and column number
  • Hidden Text - show text marked as 'Hidden' using the 'Font | Hidden Text' option
  • Field Names - toggle between displaying field names in the text and displaying the field values
  • Hyperlink Cursor - toggle the cursor icon when you 'mouse over' a hyperlink, between the default image (a line or arrow) and a pointing hand
  • Page Header/Footer - display or hide the text of page headers and footers
Editor Display Options


Click on this icon to select from a set of options for protecting the document from being edited or deleted, so that it is safe from accidental change. The Document Editor defaults to locking against protection, so you first turn off the lock and then protect either the whole document or a selected block of text.

  • Protect Document - toggle between setting a lock to prevent any editing or deletion of the entire document, and removing protection so that changes can be made
  • Text Selection Lock - remove the lock against setting protection on the text of the document
  • Snap to Grid - (defaults to on) applies a grid to the tab markers and paragraph indents, so that they snap to the nearest sixteenth of an inch
  • Watermark Picture - display an image file browser and select an image to use as a watermark in the document
  • Remove Unused Lists - clear unused list formats from the file when you save it, to reduce file size
Protect Document Contents

Model Link

Click on this icon to select from options to create a link between a text string that you highlight in the document and a new or existing object in the model.

  • Glossary Definition - display the 'Glossary Detail' dialog, to create a Project Glossary entry for the highlighted text string
  • New Model Element - display a short list of types of object to create (or select the 'Other' option to access a wider range of object types) to generate an object of that type from the highlighted text string, in the current Package; the object is linked to the highlighted text in the document
  • Link to Existing Element - display the 'Select Classifier' dialog, through which you browse for and select an element to link to a highlighted text string
  • Hyperlink - create a hyperlink from the highlighted text to an existing object in the model; the 'Hyperlink Details' dialog displays, through which you specify the type of object to link to, and its location
Project Glossary View Create Element From Document Hyperlink From Linked Document Hyperlink

Fixed Zoom

Click on this icon to display a list of page magnification options between 75% and 400%, and an option to set a custom magnification of the page anywhere between 10% and 500%.

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