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The Watchlist facility in WebEA helps you to quickly identify recent activity in the model. Each user can tailor their Watchlist to monitor activity in any of a wide range of objects and features with various characteristics. Whenever the Watchlist Summary is generated, all object types of interest are checked for recent activity and a count of matched objects displayed. All matched object counts can be clicked on to display the list of objects that match the particular activity type. 

Note: Each model has a default set of activity types that have been enabled in the WebEA configuration file; each user can override the model defaults and save their customized settings.

Watchlist Summary

The watchlist can be accessed by selecting the main 'Search' tab, then the 'Watchlist' tab within the search view. The left side of the watchlist shows:

  • Any activity that has recently been detected, for
  • All objects and features that are to be monitored

If there is no activity for a configured activity type, that activity type is omitted from the 'Watchlist Summary'. The display might look like this:

Every type of object on the report is represented by a line providing the number of objects that match the given criteria.

Watchlist Results

Clicking on an item in the Watchlist Summary list will display the Watchlist results for that item (I.e. a list of all items matching the criteria). Selecting an object from the results list will display its properties in the panel to the right.

Within the properties panel you can use the 'Find in Model' button (shown below) to locate the object in your model (I.e. switching to 'Model' tab).

If you would like to return to the Watchlist Summary click on the back arrow (shown below) in the Watchlist Results header to return to the Search input fields.

Configure the Watchlist

If you want to customize the activity types monitored in your Watchlist summary, click on the configure button located in the Watchlist summary header (shown below).

Watchlist icon

The 'Configure Watchlist' page displays.

In the 'Number of days' field, type the number of days that should be considered. This might be the number of days since you last used WebEA, or the number of days in a reporting period that you want to compare with.

For the remaining fields, select the checkbox against all items that you want to monitor and include in your Watchlist. The complete list is:

  • Recent:
         -  Discussions
         -  Active reviews
         -  Modified diagrams
         -  Modified elements
  • Resource Allocations:
         -  Active
         -  Ending today
         -  Overdue
  • Tests:
         -  Recently passed
         -  Recently failed
         -  Recently deferred
         -  Recently not checked
         -  Not run
  • Changes, Defects, Issues, Tasks and Decisions:
         -  Verified
         -  Recently requested
         -  Recently completed
         -  New
         -  Incomplete
  • Events:
         -  Recently requested
         -  High Priority
         -  Incomplete

The 'Select All' and 'Deselect All' options can be used to select or deselect  every checkbox.

Once you have finished choosing which items to monitor, click on the Save & Close button to save the configuration and refresh the Watchlist summary. Alternatively you can use the Close button to discard any changes.


  • All Watchlist options are saved based on current model and User ID for the current browser, and stored as cookies (where possible) so that the options are remembered between sessions
  • If your browser does not allow the saving of cookies, then your customized Watchlist setting will only last as long as the current session

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