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Remove Replication - QEA

Given that the replication requires extra detail there are many additions to a replication repository's structure. This makes the repository size considerably larger. If, at some point, you decide not to use the replication feature any more, you can remove the replication data.

As the synchronization of the replicas should be completed before this, only a master can have the replication removed. The replica repositories, being duplicates, can be discarded.



Settings > Model > Transfer > QEA Replication > Remove Replication

Remove replication from your model




Open the .QEA file.



Settings > Model > Transfer > QEA Replication > Remove Replication


  • When removing replication it is strongly recommended that you also reset the ID's to restore a normal functioning model.
    Background;  the IDs in a replicated model use random numbers in the accepted range. So, a high number may have been assigned, meaning further increments for the identifiers may exceed the database identifier range. See the Reset Auto Increments Help topic for more detail.

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