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WebEA - Model View

The Model View is used for browsing and viewing the content of your model. This view consists of five main components:

  • The Navigation Bar at the top.
  • The Browser on the left, used to assist in navigating the model.
  • The Main View in the center, used for displaying diagrams and element properties.
  • The Properties View on the right, which allows you to view properties of an element while simultaneously viewing something else (such as a diagram) in the Main View
  • The Status Bar at the bottom.

Navigation Bar

The Navigation bar provides information and buttons that assist in navigating an Enterprise Architect model.



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Click on this button to return focus to the 'home' object for the current model. The home object is either the WebEA default diagram (defined in the configuration file), the User/Model default diagram as set in Enterprise Architect or the model root Package.

User and Model Default Diagrams

Object Path

Click on this button to display the complete path of parent nodes, Views, Packages and elements for the current object, all the way to the model's root node.

You can click on any item in the list (except for the last one, which is the current object) and navigate directly to that object.


  • When viewing the root node there will be only one entry, which is not selectable
  • Optionally, this button can be hidden using the 'Show Path Button' configuration option
Configure WebEA models - via Web Browser


Click on this button to navigate to the previous object.

Object Name / Breadcrumb

Displays the path (or 'breadcrumb') to the current object, and the object's name. You can click on an item in the path to navigate to that Package or element. Alternatively you can configure WebEA to only display the object name, by setting the 'Show Breadcrumb' option to 'No'.

Configure WebEA models - via Web Browser

Context Menu

This button is only accessible when the screen is less than 800 pixels in width. This button provides a context menu relating to the current object.

For Diagrams this menu allows you to switch between the diagram image or the diagram's properties. It also provides the option to adjust the diagram zoom level for the diagram image.

Note, adjusting the zoom level will apply to all diagrams being viewed in WebEA during the current session. This allows you to find a comfortable zoom level when using WebEA on a mobile device. Adjusting the zoom level will not impact how other users see the diagram.

For Packages and Element this menu allows you to switch between the Package/Element properties, or the list of child Objects.


The browser assists with navigation, and provides context for the object that is currently displayed in the Main View. See the WebEA - Browser topic for more information.

Main View

The main (center) view typically displays these types of content:

Properties View

The properties view displays properties of the selected object. When viewing a diagram, it allows you to view some properties of an element without navigating away from the diagram. See the WebEA - Properties View topic for more information.

Status bar

The WebEA Status bar is displayed at the very bottom of the page; it provides these options and information.



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Click this button to hide/show the 'Browser' view on the left side of the main content area.  This area will contain the currently selected object and a list of all of its child objects. Between the object name and the name of the first child object is a Brown up arrow. icon; clicking on this icon refreshes the display to show the next-highest level of the hierarchy.

Note: This option is disabled when the screen is less than 800 pixels in width.

New Chat

If WebEA has Chat enabled (in the WebEA configuration) and you have received one or more new chat message then "New Chat" is displayed in the status bar. Clicking on this text will provide a menu for accessing the Chat.

Review element

If you have joined a review, the name of the Review element will display in the Status bar on the left side of the Properties button. Click on the name to display the Review element in WebEA's Main View.


Click this button to hide/show the 'Properties View' on the right side of the main content area.

When viewing a diagram the Properties View allows you to access properties of an element without navigating away from the diagram.

When viewing an element, the Properties View allows you to have a split view of the element's properties, displaying one feature in the Main View while also showing another in the Properties View (for example, you could add Discussions in the Main View while referring to the element's notes in the Properties View).

Note: This option is only accessible when the screen is more than 800 pixels in width.


Click on this button to display the 'About WebEA' screen. The 'About...' screen provides information regarding the version of WebEA, Pro Cloud Server, and OSLC, as well as license and model information.

iOS Scrolling

When accessing WebEA via iPad or iPhone, the status bar will display 'iPad Diagram Scrolling: Off' or 'iPhone Diagram Scrolling: Off' respectively. Touch this text to toggle the option on and off.

Typically, images can be scrolled on mobile devices by touching/dragging on the image; however, iOS browsers will not scroll if you are touching a clickable area (such as an element on a diagram). This could make scrolling difficult on diagrams that are densely populated with clickable elements.

  • iPad/iPhone Diagram Scrolling: On - Diagram elements will not be selectable, allowing you to scroll by touching/dragging anywhere on the diagram
  • iPad/iPhone Diagram Scrolling: Off - Diagram elements will be selectable; however, to drag the diagram image you will need to ensure you are not touching a selectable element

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