Iconix UML CD Training

EA Training on CD ROM!

Highly respected training consultants ICONIX have long been offering top-shelf training on EA using the ICONIX process. Now, Iconix's high standard of training is available to be delivered to your desktop! In response to customer demand for CD ROM training, Iconix have packaged their streamlined process training into a multimedia CD ROM. This kick-start UML training CD is US$99(+pph), in keeping with the rationale of the EA pricing structure.

Simplified UML and Jumpstart Training for EA:

This CD-ROM tutorial presents a simplified approach to the UML using the ICONIX Process and Enterprise Architect. The ICONIX Process uses a minimum yet sufficient core subset of UML diagrams designed to get the user from Use Cases to code, quickly and efficiently.

The four key phases used in this minimalist approach are:

  • domain modeling
  • use case modeling
  • robustness analysis
  • sequence diagramming

Each one of these is discussed in detail. The tutorial includes four complete examples using Enterprise Architect which take the viewer through each part of the lifecycle, one step at a time.

The four examples presented are:

  • A Vehicle Navigation System
  • Video on Demand
  • Medical Information System
  • A Financial Portfolio Management System

Also, the cost of the CD is creditable towards onsite Iconix Jumpstart(tm) training. Mention that you purchased the CD from Sparx, and receive an additional discount!